Kaylene Peoples in Concert at Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood April 8, 2012 (Photo by Arun Nevader)

Kaylene Peoples (Photo by Arun Nevader)

Agenda Magazine editor in chief Kaylene Peoples and El Cid promoter Michael McArthy have teamed up to bring jazz into Silverlake.  Once a month Kaylene, an entertainer herself, will be hosting a themed jazz night with a special guest or two.

The first evening of Jazz launches June 13, 2012 with Kaylene and her all-star band doing “A Night of Bossa Nova.”  Get set for “Girl from Ipanema,” “Summer Samba,” and more, as Kaylene entertains you with her flute solos and dynamic jazz vocals.

Chase Masterson of Star Trek

Chase Masterson of Star Trek

The special guest for that evening will be Chase Masterson from STAR TREK, who will be performing a 30-minute set.  Chase will be doing a steamy selection of torch songs reminiscent of the singer Julie London, along with her own special guest soloist.

Other valuable members on The Indie Hotspot team are Eveline Morel of EM&CO and Arun Nevader of Wire Image. Producer/engineer Rich Mouser will be running sound that evening. The musicians are Del Atkins (bass), Kevin Flournoy (piano), Cory Mason (drums), and Jeff Chayette (guitar).

El Cid in Silverlake

El Cid in Silverlake

El Cid has a delicious choice of entrees on their reasonably priced menu. You simply have to try the tapas; they are mouth-watering!  The stage is nice (and can fit a 25-piece ukulele orchestra), and the sound is wonderful.  This restaurant/club is the perfect place if you’re looking for an intimate, cozy environment.  You will simply love the ambient lighting, and there is free parking around the club!  El Cid is best known for promoting indie rock, singer/songwriters, and most of all flamenco performers.  They screen independent films, too.  That’s why it is the best choice for “The Indie Hotspot Presents.”  Bringing jazz into an already established “indie-friendly” venue is the only way to go!  So support us and enjoy a night of jazz on June 13, 2012.

El Cid is located at 4200 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029, in the Silverlake community.  Cover charge for the evening will be $10.00.  This will be a red carpet, WireImage event.  Stay tuned for more information.


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