On Thursday, August 2nd, for one night only, Ghettogloss presents its golf-inspired exhibit, “I Got Big Balls” at the Wilson Harding Golf Course in Griffith Park.  The multi-media exhibit includes video projections, a live band singing their own rendition of ACDC’s “I Got Big Balls”, and 100 golf balls, each with its own artistic spin by one of the 100 participating artists.

The artist roster includes a heavy contingent of fine art heavy-hitters, a selection of street artists, as well as a large group of multi-talented individuals whose disciplinary talents range between music, writing, acting, and fashion design.  Confirmed artists include Dogtown skateboarding legend Tony Alva, L.A. street artist Luke Chueh, Legendary Singer/Songwriter Allee Willis, musician Moon Unit Zappa, and Sons of Anarchy actor Michael Ornstein.   A portion of the proceeds from sale of the art will be donated to the  “Free Arts for Abused Children” program, www.freearts.org.

An active supporter of the L.A. art scene and in particular the Street Art and Graffiti scene of Los Angeles since 1999, Ghettogloss has been featuring L.A.’s brightest and emerging art talent with monthly art exhibits and events for 13 years.  Its founder, Fiora Boes, a painter and photographer herself, was inspired by the crisp green and white atmosphere of the golf course and simple, aerodynamic aesthetic of the golf ball itself, as well as Griffith Park’s natural setting, to create an outside art show, perfect for a mid-summer night.

Indie Hotspot, strong supporter of LA’s art and culture, is proud to be one of the event sponsors and invites everyone to stop by and meet some of L.A.’s brightest talent for a wonderful evening of art and music. The show opens at 7 pm and ends at midnight but warns attendees that they must drive into Griffith Park by 10pm as the “In- gate” closes at 10pm sharp.  The balls will be on exhibit between 7 and 10 pm at the Wilson Harding Golf Course in the heart of Griffith Park.   The event entrance is free and open to the public, directions to the Golf Course and additional artist information and pricing will be provided upon RSVP’ing to ghettogloss@ghettogloss.com.

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