So many balls...

On August 2nd, 100 artists took a swing at making golf balls a work of art…The Ghettogloss show was attended by artists, press, and a few bold-face names from the L.A. Art and Music scene…Artfully displayed on a turf strip along a ledge, the transformed golf balls took a life of their own, standing testaments to unbridled creativity…

The artist roster also included a heavy contingent of street artists, as well as some well-known L.A. creatives, including L.A. street Artists Luke Chueh and Becca, Singer/Songwriter Allee Willis, Dogtown skateboarding legend Tony Alva, Musician Moon Unit Zappa, Rocker/comedian Shiny Diamond, L.A. Icon Angelyne, and Sons of Anarchy actor Michael Ornstein.

A portion of the sales proceeds are donated to Ghettogloss’ favorite charity, the “Free Arts for Abused Children,”  Here are photos of some of the golf balls, and here’s a link to the slide show…





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