The “Spirit Fashion L.A.” Web/TV series airing on September 17 on KCTV Los Angeles and the Web takes a diffferent angle on fashion.  Whereas most fashion shows leave the viewer wondering how many of the dresses can actually be worn in real life by a person with a ‘real’ (less-than-perfect) body,  this show aims to inspire its audience and to leave them feeling better about themselves.  Focusing on the inner beauty of fashion, the show explores the creative spirit and inner motivations of the artists and designers behind L.A. fashion.  This five-part Web/TV series, premieres on September 17 at 10:30 pm on KCTV Los Angeles, repeating through the night, and airs a new episode every week for 6 weeks, through the end of October.

The series takes the viewer to LA Fashion Week Fall 2012 events around town, to the red carpet, behind the scenes, and into the audience, featuring runway footage and non-scripted, open interviews with L.A.’s top designers and stylists, celebrities and fashion-goers. Interviews include Henry Duarte, Mike Vensel, Sue Wong, Cerre, Rodarte, Brian Lichtenberg, Curly V, Boditecture, Nami, Nuvula, Project Ethos, Yotam Solomon, S & G, Skingraft, Sueko Oshimoto, Romeo & Juliet Couture, Ximena Valero, as well as others. With candid interviews and sharp footage, the show examines Hollywood’s influence on fashion, looking for the inner beauty in the midst of a body image-obsessed industry and crowd, and highlighting fashion’s positive actions: unconventional non-profit foundation using fashion shows to raise relief funds for natural disaster victims, and a fashion benefit that raises awareness about L.A.’s air quality.

“Fashion profoundly affects the ways we think, feel and react in society, we use clothes to identify ourselves and communicate who we are. Celebrities and the entertainment industry also have a profound influence upon fashion trends,” says Nia Lyte, Co-Creator and Producer of the TV Series. “We want to show how the art of fashion reflects way beyond the physical, how it brings out our inner spirit, and lets our inner beauty shine through,” adds show co-host, Claudia Hallowel.

Following the success of its Best of Art Basel TV show, distributed on Comcast, Ovation TV and Xfinity TV to over 20 million viewers, the Spirit Fashion show, produced by Shinca Entertainment, is the debut production of the avant-garde Spirit Show Network, the first entertainment network dedicated to empowering people to live a more creative, productive, happier life.   One of Shinca Entertainment’s founders is actor and Martial Arts Master Shin Koyamada, best known for his work in “The Last Samurai” alongside Tom Cruise.   Shin Koyamada is also founder of the Shin Koyamada Foundation who was instrumental in raising badly-needed funds and supplies for the Japanese tsunami victims.   The show’s Writer and Co-Creator, Claudia Hallowell, a multi-talented writer and painter, has written over 30 children’s books and inspirational books.

Nia Lyte, the show’s creator and co-host, has recently been awarded a place in Ovation TV’s ‘Hall of Fame/Standing Ovations’ for her “Best of Art Base” TV show distributee on Ovation and Comcast.  She produced and hosted her own Web Talk Show, ranked in the top three web shows from 2008-2010, with over million viewers from around the world,  A tireless humanitarian and co-founder and spokesperson for the Shin Koyamada Foundation, she was recently awarded the Ambassador for Peace for her work from the Women’s Federation for World Peace.  She believes in empowering women, and has recently spoken at a global conference alongside U.N. ambassadors and humanitarian, political, and religious leaders.

I asked Nia a few more questions about “Spirit Fashion L.A.” and how it is different from other shows about fashion, and here are some of her answers:

How is ‘Spirit TV’ fashion coverage different than other TV programs covering fashion?

We are focusing more on the internal aspects of beauty, rather than just fashion:  despite size or age and how fashion changes, it is this internal beauty that inspires and expresses our creative spirits.   We also featured exclusively L.A. Designers, and focused on how fashion in L.A. is different than in other cities .   The content available online and on TV is the same.  It is not a documentary:  it is, what I would call a ‘fact-based, un-scripted reality show.’

How did the idea for the Spirit Show TV Network originate, and what is its objective and/or mission?

In this day where a lot of the TV Programming is so focused on the dramas of life and the sensational, we saw a real need for a network that would empower people to live a creative, fulfilling life.  The Network’s Executive Producers and founders,  Shin Koyamada, Claudia Hallowell. and myself, set the following objectives:  to reach people of all walks of life through the various shows and content, and to inspire them to let their spirit shine through.   The internet is the modern form of mass communication, therefore the perfect medium for our vision.  In the future, we look forward to expanding this globally.  The “Spirit Show L.A.” is the first series, we are currently filming the “Spirit Music” show, due to air early next year.  You can see more at

How does Spirit TV fit in with all of your own personal work and mission?

I believe in giving back and contributing to make people’s lives better.  I strongly believe in empowering women in all walks of life to feel good about themselves and reach their highest potential, whatever that may be.  This is also shared by my colleagues and co-founders of the Network.  We each care deeply about inspiring creativity and helping people get in touch with their passion and potential in order to fulfill their dreams.

What would you want the general public to remember about Spirit TV?

That it is positive, creative and fun.





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