LA ArtCore presents “LA to LA”, the first public exhibition of the Sayago & Pardon collection of Latin American art.  Curated by Idurre Alonso, Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, and Selene Preciado from the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in Long Beach, the exhibit presents a representative selection of works from the Sayago & Pardon collection that currently comprises over 500 works and 170 Latin American artists.  The collection provides a unique look at Latin American art through the eyes of the organization’s founders.

“As an organization, we believe that the enjoyment of art should be a participatory endeavor,” stated the collection founders, Sammy Sayago and Nicholas Pardon.  “Our hope is that through this exhibition we will highlight the innovations that have existed and continue to exist in the art of Latin America and ultimately incite a dialogue of artisting thinking between Los Angeles and Latin America.”  Sammy Sayago and Nicholas Pardon are young collectors, who started collecting in 2007.  Starting out with the MOLAA Auction, they expanded their acquisition efforts to international art fairs, galleries, and artists’ studios.  Initially, the two collectors focused on prints and figurative art, then started to acquire oil paintings by Mexican Masters, drawings, abrstract art, and experimental mixed media pieces.  For the two founders, collecting is a form of sharing with others, as well as acknowledging their roots:  the large number of works from Argentinian artists is partly influenced by Sammy Sayago’s Argentinian descent.

Their exhibit is structured into four sections:  the Modern Masters, includes pieces from significant Latin American Masters from Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Cuba; Contemporary Masters, whose work carries on the traditions and themes of the Modern masters; Abstraction, which includes a number of mixed-media, as well as sculptural works; and Pop, which contains a representative selection of works using Pop language and iconography.

Viewing private art collections, just like reading someone’s diary or checking the book titles in their library, allows the viewer a glimpse into the personal tastes and thoughts of the collector, invariably causing a small amount of anticipatory apprehension prior to stepping inside that door…Rest assured, not only does the exhibit impress with the high aesthetic and conceptual value of each individual work, but the collectors’ young age and the short amount of time they managed to amass such a coherent collection of significant works from Latin American artists and their apparent knowledge of the Latin American art world is definitely remarkable.  Absolutely worth a visit! The collection is on display between October 5 to October 28, at LA Art Core Brewery Annex, 650 South Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031.  More information is available at and at





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