Reviewed by Kaylene Peoples 
doug-webb-home-for-christmasI was recently gifted a Christmas CD by multi-instrumentalist Doug Webb, titled Home for Christmas. Just now having the opportunity to listen, I was compelled to share this beautiful gem of music with the world.

The CD has 12 tracks of lush arrangements with a touch of nostalgia. Doug Webb delights us with his beautifully played saxophones, and sweetly written orchestral arrangements (on a few of the songs). His solid personnel includes Corey Allen (piano), Kevin Axt (bass), Roy McCurdy (drums). Songs range from “The Christmas Song” to “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” The orchestra was arranged and conducted by Corey Allen.

Doug told me that this CD took a few years to complete, and I can see why.  In a true jazz “purist” form, this album is impeccable in its sonic recording, seamless in its theme of holiday jazz, and even a bit reminiscent and retro in style.  With all of my favorite Christmas songs, Webb’s melodies and improvisations are done so tastefully with class.  This is one for the holiday carousel in my car.  I’m just sorry I didn’t own this one sooner . . . to put me in the holiday mood!

Christmas is here, but it’s not too late to purchase a copy of Doug Webb Home for Christmas, available on iTunes and


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