Agenda Magazine Fall 2011 Cover Photographed by Ash Gupta 838 Media Group

Agenda Magazine Fall 2011 Cover Photographed by Ash Gupta 838 Media Group

In 2006 The Indie Hotspot was created by Agenda Magazine’s editor in chief Kaylene Peoples and Publicist Sean McKenzie of First Take PR.  Both McKenzie and Peoples wanted to reach out to the indie community, which at that time included unsigned musicians, emerging artists, and independent (non-studio financed) filmmakers.  Today the term “indie” has evolved somewhat to mean free expression of the highest caliber in music, film, art, and fashion.  “Indie” speaks to those artists who aren’t afraid to follow their heart when it comes to creating.

The Indie Hotspot logo designed by Marcangelo PerricelliThe Indie Hotspot has a featured section in Agenda ( every month, which has published several articles, interviews, and videos ranging from the famous (George Clinton) to the lesser known.

If you are an entertainer, filmmaker, artist, or designer, The Indie Hotspot wants to know about you; or if you just really appreciate great talent, you’ve found the right place . . .  we promise to keep you informed and entertained!

Be sure to connect with our Indie Hotspot community.  We look forward to making your acquaintance.  And visit to learn about the latest news and press from out distinguished clients.” — Sean McKenzie, Publicist

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